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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your video production rates

Prices for video production can vary depending on a number of different variables. We’ve created projects from $2000 – $30,000. Book a discovery call to create a custom package where we will put together a video solution that fits your goal, accompanied by an accurate investment cost.

What type of video do you specialize in?

We offer a variety of video expertise products for you. With so many different avenues video can go, we focus on the story-driven approach of video marketing and audience engagement videos. Unfortunately, we do not do wedding videos.

Does your company do wedding videos?

We don’t do wedding videos. There are plenty of great video creators that do focus on weddings. Our video companies goal is geared toward marketing video strategy and story driven video engagement to B2C audiences.

How long does a video creation typically take?

Although a standard process is used regardless of what type of video we’re producing, timeframes can range depending on a number of different variables. Client availability, external factors like weather, and the complexity of your production can all play a part. With those in mind, a typical local service based business can usually take from 3-4 weeks to a finished deliverable – again subject to the factors listed above.

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