Take a Bite out of the Competition

Video Strategy, Creative and Production

Boost brand awareness and get customers and prospects excited about working with you.
Get a video that takes a bite out of your competition.

Our process | How we do it

Phase 1: Strategy

  • Research & develop your video marketing strategy
  • Establish project goals & messaging objectives

Phase 2: Creative

  • Prepare creative brief
  • Create scripts & storyboards
  • Cast talent
  • Scout locations

Phase 3: Production

  • Pre Production meetings
  • Shoot day – come play with us!

Phase 4: Post Production

  • video editing
  • Colour grading
  • Sound design
  • Closed caption files
  • Final file delivery

How you can work with us

Video Marketing Strategic Blueprint

Perfect for brands who don’t know how to use video to build their brand. Walk away with a clear path to create video marketing campaigns that will have an impact

One Video Ad

We guide you from start to finish creating a single video, perfect for brands just getting started with video marketing

A Video Campaign

Typically 3-5 video spots all created with a common theme or purpose

Ready to get creative?

Awesome. So are we!

What People are Saying

"I cannot express enough how amazing Raymond and the team at Creative Crunch Productions are to work with. The quality is outstanding and he is a delight to be around."

"LeftTurn has had a chance to work with Creative Crunch on several of our client video projects. Raymond is a positive, enthusiastic partner who has delivered high quality, professional video projects. His energy and positive approach makes his process relaxed and puts those at ease who are being filmed."

"I love Raymond’s skill and energy. Our company has referred Raymond in the past for video production projects, and Creative Crunch Productions definitely helps businesses and charities stand out with compelling video content. I would definitely recommend Raymond as your cinematographer or film producer go-to."